The Kolpak Group

Kevin May
kmay @ mit . edu


I’m originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics from McMaster University in 2010, focusing on micro and nano device engineering. I completed my Master of Science from MIT in 2012 (awarded 2013) in Prof. Yang Shao-Horn’s group, studying transition metal perovskite oxides for oxygen electrocatalysis.

Research Interests

My studies focus on first-principles calculations of the electronic structure of transition metal oxide, semiconductor and electrochemical interfaces, including heterointerfaces, defects at interfaces, and heterogeneous catalysis. By understanding the nature of these interfaces, one can design device architectures to take advantage of exotic interface phenomena and inform a larger-scale device model with data from quantum mechanical calculations. Specific applications of interest include oxide heterojunctions for solar energy conversion, the nature of oxide surfaces in aqueous electrolyte and the corresponding effect on photoelectrochemical performance under operating conditions.

Personal Interests

I have an interest in music, especially traditional Irish music. I play the guitar and the uilleann pipes.

Current Research

Photovoltaics, Photocatalysts

I am currently studying thin films of first-row transition metal perovskite oxides, including their structural, magnetic and electronic properties, and how they contrast with the properties of the bulk materials. In addition I am studying the effects of cation intermixing on interfacial electronic structure.

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